Friday, December 2, 2011

Penetrating the Gun-Free Force-Field

So, I see this story today.  Anyone that has gone through a class for concealed carry has been grilled over the fact that a US post office is federal property.  There have been arguments over whether you can even legally possess a firearm in a vehical in the parking lot.  These are hugely off limits for anyone that legally carries a firearm.  And yet...

A 29-year-old postal employee was charged with two counts of attempted murder Friday after authorities said he used two guns to fire shots inside the main post office in Alabama's capital city.
My only guess is that he doused himself in magical unicorn urine to penetrate the gun-free zone.  The only other thing that might work is powdered freeze-dried elf scat.  Oh, there is one other thing.  BREAKING THE LAW.  Yeah, that works to penetrate gun-free zones, too.  Thankfully, no one was hurt in this particular incident.  Luckily, the running and hiding worked for once.  Me, I'd rather be able to defend myself and stop the threat.


  1. Each time I take a trip to the PO I break the law...screw 'em.

  2. Stop the threat? That's insane. It's cool and even more noble, to be a victim!

  3. I went to Cabelas in St. Louis some months back and wandered over to the mall next door as I needed some new shoes to replace ones I ruined in the field, as much as I hate shopping. There was a big "no guns" sign on the mall entrance door, yet I saw at least 3 gang bangers walking in that I know were packing just by watching them. I took my business elsewhere.

  4. Stephen - I'm lucky enough to not have to go there any more. Another option is getting a box in a private place that offers P.O. boxes.

    TJ - Unfortunately, that seems to be the way the majority actually thinks.

    Brigid - Wow, a no guns sign on a Cabela's? Here in Texas, that would be a fantastic way to go out of business. The nice thing here is that licensees know the law and so do the businesses. There has to be a very specific sign or it's not legal. Businesses can post the gun-circle-slash sign to make the sheep happy and the license holder knows they can ignore it. Still, at a Cabela's, I'd have a conversation with a senior manager to let them watch a lot of business walk out the door.