Monday, December 12, 2011

Booger Hook/Bang Switch

You know, keep the booger hook off the bang switch.  First, a bit of a pet peeve.  The headline is silly.  A gun in a carry-on did not accidentally discharge.  A gun removed from a carry on by an officer was negligently discharged by the officer.  But enough about how words mean things.  On to the snark:

No touchy.  I know you feel the need to because it's shiny, but no touchy.  Because you carry one on your belt doesn't make you a weapons expert, so no touchy.
The gun's owner was telling Phillips how to clear the loaded .22 magnum revolver when it was accidentally discharged, Phillips reported. 'The weapon was pointed down toward the screening table."
I'm just guessing here, but most likely the firearm in question is a NAA revolver which doesn't have a trigger guard.  Why are you cocking the hammer?  Why are you touching it at all in public if you don't know the firearm?  Just a few questions I had and I'm also relieved to see no one was hurt as a result.


  1. Regardless, he SHOULD have listened to the owner... sigh... Gotta love 'instant' experts.

  2. You're right, NFO, but you and I both know the attitude that was probably at play in this situation.

  3. To unload the NAA mini-revolvers, you have to bring the gun to half cock.* The 'agent' probably over-drew the hammer, and then it was bang-bang time.

    *The hammer rests into small notches between the chambers as a safety. It locks the cal from rotating, and keeps the pin away from primers. To pul;l the cyl, you take to half cock, pull the base pin, and roll the cyl out the passenger side.

  4. I was explaining the procedure to someone at work today. Still, no reason to draw the hammer to full cock, which takes a bit of effort to accomplish with that little hammer.