Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Failure in Victim Selection

Well, this is the kind of thing that should happen more often.  If crime became nearly as dangerous to the perpetrator as it should be, then you'd see the cost of everything you buy drop dramatically.  Well, this guy learned the hard way.

Justin then kept his attacker collared until police arrived. 
Asked about his training, Justin offered only vague hints at his background: "Former military," "high-risk training," "Hostage rescue."
He said he makes a living in a variety of ways: "Sometimes I do clubs.  I do close protection."
Uh, yeah.  Apparently, the victim is 250 pounds of muscle.  What were you thinking?  Also, note in the story that the attacker chose to rack the slide for emphasis causing a jam.  Learn this lesson for yourself on whether or not you carry prepared or not.  Then, he decides to pick up the ejected round and show it to the victim.  Everything this guy does screams opportunity for a person carrying for protection.

The mug shot is priceless.

Story Image


  1. That is his 'Sad Face'...

    Warms my heart when a douchebag gets trounced doing something stupid.

  2. Exactly, That Guy. I love how these butt-pimples act the tough-guy, then beg for mercy when the tables are turned. All of a sudden, it's "I have a kid." Obviously, they don't care about their victims or their families.

  3. Some men are just have all the fun...love it.

  4. Stephen - I guess this goes to show that even being 6' 3" and 260 doesn't mean someone won't try something stupid on me. Just in case, I'll keep paying attention.

  5. Don't you just love it when "natural justice" gets to run it's course before the police get to interfere and insure that the criminal's "rights" aren't violated by the victim?

  6. Matt - it's one of my favorite things to read when I scan the news. Armed Citizen is the first place I flip to when I get the NRA magazine.