Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homemade Guns, How Not to Do It

I mean, HOLY COW.  When I heard PVC and a blowgun, I knew it couldn't turn out good.  This isn't from YouTube, so I couldn't embed.  This is unbelievably moronic.  That being said, I did some things a lot like this when I was this age, sooo....

Take that for what it's worth.  Anyway, after I saw this I tried to find it on YouTube by Googling and was truly amazed at all of the rest I found.  It's amazing these people aren't all dead.


  1. Poor kid, hope he still has eyesight. Notice the adults made the kid the try it first.

  2. Dude, we did VERY similar things when we were that age.

  3. Flier, it's true

    Stephen, my thinking as wel. I didn't see any comments on the aftermath. It's stunning there were adults involved, but it really isn't surprising when you think of the adults that are out there now.

    That Guy, yeah, but most of the time if it involved cannon fuse we were far away and behind cover. For shoulder fired things, the guy doing it was known for over-engineering at the very least.

  4. We were entirely two close to the Birdfeeder full of smokeless powder, though.

  5. Oh yeah. LOL. In our defense, I don't think anyone would have predicted that. It was sooo pretty, man.

    Lesson learned: It's hard to run while you're laughing hysterically.