Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home is where the Kel Tec is... going

They say you can never go home again.  Well, the Kel Tec is going to be doing just that.  The P3AT has developed this little quirk.  It stops shooting.  That's pretty concerning for a defensive carry handgun.  Originally, I described it as a DAO handgun.  That's not technically correct.  It does fire in double action, however it requires the action of the slide to reset the firing mechanism and trigger.  Well, every once in a while it just doesn't.  So, it chambers a live round but the trigger no workie.  All but one time a simple failure drill (slap, rack, bang) put it right back in action.  However, one very concerning incident resulted in me not being able to get it to reset at all.  I stripped it down multiple times and looked it over, but not until I got home did it start working.  Even then, it was that magical "it just did it on its own" kind of fix that makes you all warm and fuzzy that you didn't fix the actual problem. 

Here's what I have to say about Kel Tec:  Their customer service is outstanding (so far).  I've heard nothing but good stories about their customer interaction and that is one of the main reasons I went ahead and went with the Kel Tec.  Almost everyone I know that has one have not had many problems, though some do and some can't seem to win for losing.  Sometimes, stuff happens.  This will be my first time to actually send a firearm back for repair, so I've been very lucky so far.  Karen with Kel Tec customer service asked a few questions to assertain the issue and immediately offered to email me a shipping label.  Me not having to ask for that put a "plus" in their column.  Now, I just need to drop it in a box and send it off.  They are telling me about 2 weeks for repairs on new guns.  Let's hope all goes well.


  1. I assume you shoot yours. I wonder what the average round-count for the average Kel-tec toter is.

    I suspect its pretty small.

  2. The group of guys I shoot with are probably not indicative of most. We shoot quite a bit and especially carry guns. I've put 200 rounds through the p3at in the month I've had it. Problems did not arise until around 140 rounds.

    I suspect you may be right, though.

  3. I concur with Weer'd. I teach CCH here and I bet that the majority of these pistols get fired 50 rounds here for qualification and that's it. The two P3-AT's I have are both problematic at this point.

    They offered to send a shipping label? They did not offer one to me, so the cost of shipping the thing to them I had to cough up.

    Let us know how it goes, I am interested! I got to where I loved shooting the thing and just slipping it into a pocket holster for a quick trip to the store. Click no bang is a very bad thing for a defensive handgun though!

  4. Keads-

    I was really enjoying shooting it and it really rides well in my pocket. I've always sworn there is no way you could forget you were carrying a gun on your person. Not so, I've found. I really am hoping this will take care of business and the next few thousand rounds will run like stuff through a goose.

    In a defensive situation, the loudest sound you will hear is *click*.

  5. 45er- I am currently carrying a S&W .380 Bodyguard for this duty. Same size, but different.

  6. Ouch... That would forever take THAT pistol out of the carry rotation... I'm carrying an old Colt Agent revolver for my pocket gun.

  7. Looks like my gun luck is rubbing off on you.

    Hope they take care of you. I know both my P-32 and Sub2000 have been flawless.