Thursday, August 25, 2011

Make my day

A friend has a timely post on his blog.  I watched Dirty Harry this past weekend.  You know the classic line:  "...the most powerful handgun in the world...".  Well, in 1971 at the time the movie was made it really wasn't (technically).  This was. (Edit for clarification, I just mean the caliber)  It's ok, I'm going to give it a pass because A. the .454 Casull wasn't available for commercial use at the time B. it's Clint Eastwood and C. the movie is just awesome.  I'm glad to hear That Guy is planning on trying to take something with a handgun this year.  That should make things interesting on the lease.


  1. I think it was Freedom Arms that made the first .454s. Made a big deal of that big SAA in Alien Nation.

    Oh and its really amusing watching Bloodwork after the Dirty Harry Movies. Its easy to imagine Harry Callahan as the old retired Detective running around with that big 627.

  2. You are correct, Weer'd. Freedom Arms put it out early to mid 80's. Ruger didn't throw in until the late 90's. I have the rest of the Dirty Harry series queued up to watch when I have some time. I may have to watch Bloodwork again now that you mention that one.

  3. Thanks for the link!

    Gonna have to work on the long range shooting with the .454... make sure I can hit those longshots from the blinds ;)