Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do Not Eat...

...says the dessicant packet in the plastic baggie containing the hardware for the door I just installed.  Also, I'm warned not to ingest the silica dessicant in the bags in my gun safe.  A spark in my pea-brain says, "what kind of world do we live in?"  I guess there are people out there that apparently need this kind of guidance.  Either that, or there are people out there ready to exploit the system for financial gain at every turn.  Or both.  I also guess there are enough people that can sit on a jury and decide that a moron that decided to make a meal out of something that fell out of a bag of screws deserves some kind of financial compensation.  Why would I be nervous if I had to go before a jury of my peers?  Well, society's full abandonment of or degradation of common sense, I guess.


  1. What? I didn't quite understand what you were saying. I was busy blow drying my hair while in the bathtub.

  2. I like throwing bags of desiccant into fan belts.

  3. To be fair, those dessicant packages are from a seperate vendor who sells to anybody with cash. So the packet that keeps your doorknob from spotting in transit is the same packet that will keep your beef jerky and nori wraps from molding.

    Still in the end the lawyers rule the roost. The weather people had to tell us Irene would be the death-storm, even tho it was likely going to be the duck-fart it was because if they call for a duck-fart annd we get a widowmaker, some idiot might sue when they get hurt, and nobody wants that!

    And in the end you could eat that packet, plastic and all, and it probably wouldn't hurt you much except for maybe a BM that would put up a bit of a fight. But if you ate them every day you'd probably die, and your widow would sue.....

  4. Tango, just saying that makes me want to try it.

    45er- so, this means you are doing something off the honey-do list as well?

  5. Brigid - yeah, a lot like that. And texting while driving.

    TJ - I'm with That Guy, that's a rotten thing to throw out there. That's going to have to happen.

    Weer'd - I can see that now, though we have our deer made into jerky so we usually don't get the pre-packaged stuff. Still, when I've had it I've not been all that tempted to clog myself up. Though your last line got me thinking of that crazy show "My Strange Addiction" where people eat cleanser and rocks and crap.

    That Guy - yeah, we're gonna do that at some point and yes, I think we've had the closet doors to the girls' room in the garage for almost a year.

  6. Don't do it. If you eat one, your body drops from 97% water to a dangerous 95% water, 2% silica, 1% burrito, and 2% human bones/tissue mixture. Very very dangerous.

    You'll shoot your eye out.

  7. It is the 1% burrito that everyone around me is more concerned about.