Wednesday, August 17, 2011



At first, I was reading this as just another nutty kid that was (thankfully) caught before he carried out his nutty plans.  But then, this little gem:

"Authorities said Cano has multiple juvenile arrests.  Charges have included burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, altering serial numbers on a firearm and drug possession.  All have been either dismissed or no action has been taken."

Read that list and tell me any single one of those isn't a serious offense that required a little attention from the courts.  Some of those are serious felonies.  How does someone (even a juvenile) just get to continuously walk on things when otherwise law-abiding people are getting hung for felonies on stupid firearms laws?  This was very close to being another one of those stories where we were all wondering why the perpetrator was allowed to run free.


  1. That's what happens when no one follows through on discipline

  2. But..but... he's a CHILD... sigh... Put his ass UNDER the damn jail.

  3. And the boys from "Fast and Furious" are getting promoted.

    Welcome to Bizarroland.

  4. My dad would have tanned my hide for even THINKING of doing ANY of that stuff. I think that falls under both NFO and That Guy's comment.

    Tango, yeah, I was pretty infuriated by that. But, when press and your bosses are willfully ignoring your negligence it's not surprising. I wish I worked somewhere I could catastrophically eff up and still get a cushy promotion.

  5. I had a neighbor once who had a child who was in all SORTS of trouble, petty theft, vandalism, assault (hit a friends Dad). He finally got some sort of juvie "house arrest". Do you know what Mom and Dad did? They allowed his friends (the ones he got in trouble with) to their house almost every night and let the kids "party", cars, noise, beer cans stuffed in the neighbors mailboxes. When the rest of us complained about the noise they said "but he's grounded and can't go out, we want him to have FUN!".

    I'd bet about anything he's in prison by now.

  6. I see it all the time, Brigid. People let their kids do all kinds of dumb things over and over then finally get fed up with it and come to us to make them stop.