Saturday, July 30, 2011

Really, ATF? REALLY?

I have no idea why a spokesperson for the ATF would believe that the theft from a military facility of a couple dozen AK-74s and a Dragunov would be a "public safety issue with the guns getting out on the street".  In other news, some apples are RED.

I don't know if the antis realize it, but THIS is how criminals get their guns.  You know, if they would have just passed that law..  no, that wouldn't have helped.  Oh, then what about the one that...  no, that wouldn't have helped either.  Criminals break laws.  It's kind of their "thing".  I can kind of understand why the ATF wouldn't think this was such a big deal and decided to wait a couple of weeks to let someone know about it.  I mean, it's not like it was a couple THOUSAND guns getting into the wrong hands or anything.   *crickets*

Now, if that ever happened it would probably be a big deal.

Here, Melson demonstrates how they planned to use "the force" to keep track of firearms


  1. Gah... There is something 'strange' about that theft... Just sayin.

  2. Yeah. I haven't seen or heard any evidence supporting it, but I was real curious about how this could have happened. I know security isn't water tight like the movies lead you to believe, but surely there had to be some kind of measures.

  3. The army calls the BATFE, and the BATFE says, "Oh, we wondered when you would notice that we gave those to Mexican Drug Lords!"