Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy days are here (again)

It's like getting a new gun in the mail.  Except it's getting back my same new gun.  The Kel Tec has completed its cross-country voyage and landed back on our doorstep.  Thankfully, it happened to be when Mrs. 45er was actually home during the day to sign for the package.  I have to say that Kel Tec was always responsive during the whole process with answers to my questions.  They sent a packing slip telling me what they did.

So, here are the boxes that were checked:

Replaced slide and/or barrel (not sure which)
Polished feed ramp (was happy to see that)
Replaced internal parts (not sure which, I'm assuming the part that was making it not go bang)
Test fired

So, I'm a happy camper again and I'll reset the test-firing rounds from 200 back to zero again.  I am considering this starting over on the test period before carrying it.  Yes, it will cost some more money, but it's just a darn good excuse to get my rear-end to the range again.  Also, I need to test out the new app I downloaded (for android) that I found out about when That Guy sent me a link from Carteach.  I'll do a little review on that as well with some pics.  FYI, the Surefire app for IPhone works pretty well.  We've used that for some training and it did a fine job.  Ok, I'm off to teddy bear the KT around the house again (affectionate term friends and I use to refer to the act of carrying a new firearm around like a kid with a teddy bear).


  1. Good to hear. Hopefully, that will be the end of the issues.

    Looking forward to the range report!

  2. Ditto what 'That Guy' said. Have fun.

  3. Oh, I'll definitely have to do a report and it will be fun. It always is. I'll probably focus a little more on the new app since I've done a review on the KT and this will pretty much be it works or it doesn't.