Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Troegs Brothers: Nugget Nectar Imperial Amber Ale

Sorry, I couldn't wait to crack one open.  As  you can see by the two glasses, Mrs. 45er will be joining me in this flavor journey.

I love hoppy beers.  Just look at that label.  How could you resist that?

It pours a clear amber (duh) and has little to no head.  The aroma is strong hops and a touch of apricot.  If you think you smell hops, wait until you taste it.  It's like being punched in the mouth with a fistful of hops.  But in a good way.  It is a bit bitter and has a clean finish with little after taste.  I highly recommend it if your a hop head.  It goes great with pretzel chips.  I loved it as a way to kick off the tasting journey.

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