Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bloomberg's big MAIG oops

This is much more telling than people realize. Mayors Against Illegal
Guns (MAIG), or more accurately Criminals Against Guns (since a high
percentage of the mayors involved are criminals) did a little reading
of what they purported to be victims of gun violence. What they
actuall did was just read a list of people killed by firearms,
regardless of the situation.

Why is this so telling, do you ask? Or even a surprise? Well, it
isn't a surprise really. However, what it exposes is how groups such
as MAIG balloon numbers. This is the thing about fooling the public
that is generally uneducated in such matters. I can give you all the
numbers for people killed in a firearm homicide. What I can also do
is not exclude numbers of those where the homicide was ruled
justified, since it is still in the same broad category of the
definition. Or, I can say "all these people were killed by guns"
neglecting to say:

oh yeah, this was probably a terriorist killed by the guns of law enforcement.

Proof their numbers are fake or they just don't care enough to vet them.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Stack o' mags

Finally arrived.  It's been months since I ordered them and I almost forgot, but they just showed up for a middle of the year Christmas.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

9 year old shoots at home invaders

But there is a catch.  In Brooklyn?  Yes, but that isn't the catch.  He picked up a gun that one of the thugs dropped and started firing.  This is where NY is.  The bad guys have to bring the guns for the good guys to even have the possibility of defending themselves.  The good guys just have to figure out how not to get killed in the process.