Thursday, July 11, 2013

The USPS parking lot and your CHL

There has been much discussion regarding the legality of driving or parking in the post office parking lit while in possession of your legal firearm.  Most believed it was not enforceable but didn't want to be the first test case taken to court (and I totally understand this).

Now, a federal judge has ruled that USPS' broad interpretation violates the 2nd Amendment.  This is really good news.  No more gray area of legaluty just to mail a letter.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Shoddy police work (and bad decision making)

Follow that up with an arrest caused soley by law enforcement's poor
judgement and you have quite the trifecta of incompetence.

When the decisions you make daily are backed with a gun on your hip,
you should weigh them very heavily. I support law enforcement a lot
and know it can be a tough job. However, situations like this are
just ways to get lots of people
hurt. First, it was Detroit with the faux purse snatcher getting
drawn on by the very real FBI agent.

and now...

Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control can't tell the difference between
sparkling water and beer. Because, you know, alcoholic beverages are
their raison d'etre.

That sounds like a potentially very dangerous situation. Also, VA is
a very lax carry state so this could have gone very badly. It also
makes me wonder how they're profiling people they don't think should
be buying alcohol. "Hey, they look young let's bum rush them wearing
no easily identifiable clothing." What could possibly go wrong?