Monday, July 11, 2011

Newark, New Jersey: A lesson in how to defy logic

Making the "unpossible" possible.  That should be the new slogan for Newark, New Jersey.  You see, Newark is in New Jersey.  New Jersey has some of the strictest firearms laws in the country.  So, this is one of those states where they have decided that "guns are bad, mmmkay?".  The blame is laid entirely at the feet of the tool and the people that actually care enough about the law to follow it.  Enter: Newark.  Newark has decided that guns are the ANSWER to the crime problem.  I know, I know but just follow me on this.  They are actually wanting to force business owners to pay armed security guards to protect their businesses.  This is because the city can't control crime even though this is a utopian place where unicorns regularly graze.  I mean, they are one of the strictest in the country for gun control laws.  Heck, they even restrict the type of ammunition you can own.  I can hear the city officials now, "How is gun crime even possible here?"  They are called criminals, ya jackwad.  Their career is built around breaking your laws, meanwhile the poor law-abiding citizens in your state are effectively neutered when it comes to protecting themselves.  Well, that is until they are mandated to pay out of pocket for something they should be allowed under the 2nd Amendment to do anyway.

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