Friday, September 16, 2011

Tell the truth in church

Overheard in church:

A young boy of about 5 walked up to one of the ushers of the church with his mother behind him egging him on.  The usher was collecting money from the box for children in need.

Mother:  "Tell Mr. John what you found."
Boy:  Holds up a 1 dollar bill
Mother:  "Tell Mr. John what you'd like to do with that."
Boy:  "Well, I'd like to keep it."
Mother: "No, you'd like to put it in the box."
Mr. John:  Stifles laughter

I guess when you're in church always tell the truth and be generous if mom tells you to.


  1. Very true...but I'm a bad boy, I take my new Kindle. Hey, I have books to read.

  2. LOL- At least he 'was' honest :-)

  3. Stephen - I'll bet that's ok.

    NFO - I giggled when I heard it. The pure honesty was what caught me off guard.