Monday, September 26, 2011

Interesting choice of defense

I give the clerk props for doing something.  Drunk girl comes in to rob the place with a plastic gun.

A clerk who was stocking a cooler in the rear then shouted, "Palm Bay police. Get on the ground!"
Caraballo sheepishly complied and store staff held her there until the real cops arrived.
I don't know that I'd recommend that kind of confrontation without some form of personal defense to back it up.  This is Florida, so who knows what the clerks had for defense, though it isn't discussed in the story.  Thank goodness the clerk didn't do this in Kalifornia or the great (police) state of New York City or they would probably be cited for impersonating a police officer.


  1. That's what I'm chalking it up to and luck isn't a valid strategy.

  2. You better have some steel as a backup to luck.

  3. My thoughts as well. If you're going to escalate, be ready for the blow-back.

  4. I will say that guile does work sometimes! I would not bet my life on it unless that was all I had though!