Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guilty pleasure - pot stirring

So, as you know I was sick this weekend and sitting at home bored watching Dirty Harry flicks I really had a lot of time to peruse all of the blogs I follow and make all of my comments.  Then I headed over the the Gun Blog Black List and found a couple of new cool places to follow.  After all of that, I ended up at an anti-gun site linked off of one of Weer'd's (weird punctuation there for possessive) posts.  From there, I found a blog already discussing the IHOP shooting.  I couldn't resist.  The end result is as expected, they can't take it and start flinging insults, so I take that as my cue to exit.  I know, it's a habit I need to break.

Hi, my name is 45er and I'm a pot stirrer.

It really was an interesting discussion and, as usual, exposes their real intention of a full ban on firearms.  If you just really want to see it shoot me a message and I'll send you the link.  I'm not generally one to link antis in my posts.


  1. 45er, I followed that today if it is the same link. DOOT blog? If not, I have an e-mail link on my Blog.

  2. No, I don't believe so. I sent you the link. I wasn't really in the mood to play the tit-for-tat link games with them. They just seem to be spouting other people's arguments instead of forming their own thoughts.

  3. It's really pointless to argue with these people. Facts don't matter and as you found out, they're nasty people when pushed.

  4. I know it's pointless, but I was sick on the couch. Sometimes I like to remind myself of the type of people on that side. They really came out in the unapologetic "we want all your guns" chant, too. Pretty chilling.

  5. It is fun, isn't it. Stir the pot...what the heck.

  6. I mix it up with them now and then myself but not nearly as often as I used to. I hope that some fence sitters can see that there are two sides to this argument too.

  7. Stephen and TJ, yeah, it can be, but then it starts to feel like sticking a spoon in your eye and just about as productive. Then is starts to eat up your time. Ah, what the hell, why keep talking about it and not let people enjoy the crazy. Here it is...

    The Crazy

  8. What many of you guys do is take a few shots and disappear. You can call that stirring up the shit if you like, but I don't know what it is.

    One thing about my blog is we don't want to take your guns away. That is the tiredest least credible argument you guys have.

    About the I-Hop shooting, it must be embarrassing for you guys to see a real-life case with national coverage which played out exactly like we always say. A concealed carry guy on the scene is rarely going to help. For various reasons, the Gaby Giffords one was a bit different, the results are usually like this. The gun does no good.

    On the other hand encouraging people to own and carry guns in spite of the fact that they'll rarely be used to save the day and much more likely will be MISused some day, is a mistake. It's a fear-driven mistake which results in more gun violence not less.

  9. Orrrr, as is quite obvious for anyone that actually reads the comments there, I was more than willing to continue discussion of topics and reasonable debate until the mouth-frothing insults began to surface. Don't start with the "can't you take it" B.S. either, because why would you expect anyone that you're talking to in person to accept insults and stay in the conversation just to make their point. I'm not sure why that type of conduct is acceptable on the internet when it is not tolerated anywhere else.

    You could have fooled me by your commenters specifically saying they wanted to take everyone's guns away or at least they could decide what type of firearm would be acceptable for someone else to have so that criminals couldn't have them eventually.

    Actually, on the IHOP shooting, take a surf around the blogs(Say Uncle is a great place to start). You will see a general consensus that what the armed citizen did was 100% tactically correct. You guys obviously know very little about firearms from the discussion I had and I'm assuming so much less about tactics that you don't understand what actually carrying a firearm involves. So, you're saying by this that you would have loved this guy to become one of you statistics by doing something ridiculously stupid. He did a smart thing, but that isn't good enough for the antis to admit. Oh my goodness, people that carry make smart decisions. He was prepared in defense of himself and it didn't come to that. I would be confident in that knowledge. I know you probably would wish that if you were under attack, someone like this would sweep in and save the day, but he will be doing what he planned for: defending himself and if you get saved in the process, then fine.

    The gun does no good. Funny, firearms are used by grannies, women, and men to protect themselves all of the time from bigger and more powerful people with evil intentions. I just happened to post one and that surf around should reveal many more. An elderly lady spared herself who knows what horrors just recently as well. But I'm sure those people think guns do them and their families no good.

    Who are the type of people that perpetuate violence? Head over to Weer'd Beard's place. Open your eyes and realized that firearms are nothing but a narrow statistic that your group focuses on like a laser. And when you start looking up those statistics, tell your commenters to get ready for laws regulating swimming pool locking devices. Also, remember putting granny in jail for not properly locking up her meds. Also, level out all those stairs and high places. I mean, if your intent is to live your life by statistics, you're looking in the wrong place.