Friday, September 2, 2011

But I regress...

It's like every business person that has been telling the administration they are wrong for saddling industry with regulations, taxes and uncertainty in a time of much needed growth has been ramming their heads against a wall.  Until the evidence hits you in the face like a Seagull after your cheetos. 
Obama overruled the Environmental Protection Agency and directed administrator Lisa Jackson to withdraw the proposal, in part because of the importance of reducing regulatory burdens and uncertainty for businesses at a time of rampant uncertainty about an unsteady economy.

What would business professionals know about business?  Surely people that have never held private sector jobs nor generated one job in the private sector know better.  Surely.


  1. Withdrawn for now, but I'll bet it will be back in 13 if he's re-elected... sigh

  2. I fear you are right. This is totally smoke and mirrors because it's just too obviously stupid right now. He'll reserve it for when it is just a little less stupid.