Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life and Limb - it's a beer

Natural Light:  It's a way to take pictures, not a beer
And, boy is it ever fantastic.  I'm by no means a beer "analyzer".  I've seen the descriptions people use and some of them make sense to me, but some just seem like beer snobbery.  I'm a beer snob, that's for sure, but I'm more the kind that just "knows" a beer I like and can enjoy it.  Mrs. 45er and I really liked this one.  However, I will put a disclaimer that she is Canadian and I think they need good beer in order to survive. She also had a good point on wine vs beer.  We drink wine and beer, but as she put it:  "I 'get' beer".  That's us in a nutshell.

 If you like the mass produced stuff, that's fine with me.  I may rib my friends a little for drinking a "Lite" beer, but I sure as heck will take a free one on a hot day after filling feeders and setting up hunting blinds.   I mean, who doesn't need water at a time like that.  :)

So, on to the the beer at hand.  A friend emailed that I just had to try this beer and boy were they right.  Now, this is not an inexpensive beer.  It is one for someone that really enjoys beer and maybe even a special occasion.  It is the size of a wine bottle and will run you about the cost of a pretty good wine. 

I like my women like I like my beer, dark and bitter
Now, I sit here and type after having a pint of this, what I will call "God's Elixir" at 10.2% ABV, so if I seem silly we'll just chalk it up to that.  I'm not going to get all fancy, I'll just try and describe it for you.  It is obviously a dark beer.  It is a collaboration of Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head.  Two great brewers.  It has a fragrance of caramel.  The first thing that hits the tongue is a note of chocolate, followed by coffee.  It ends on a bit of a bitter note.  I had to come back and add that though it is dark, this is not a heavy beer.  You will want to have this with something to snack on (pretzel thins were perfect) or with a nice meal (steak would be fantastic).

I will leave you with this, I had to use the backspace button a ton on this post.  It's a great beer.

H/T to Leviathan.  That was a great recommendation.


  1. To hell with the blogging, enjoy the beer!!! :-)

  2. Oh, NFO, the beer was gone by the time the typing started. I wasn't about to interrupt the enjoyment of that pint by pulling out the computer. The wife and I were discussing what we liked about it after it was gone and I was wanting to get down all of the hilarious stuff we were saying.

  3. That's going to go on the list to try. It's almost dark beer season, so I'll keep an eye out for it.

  4. I was kind of surprised by how dark it really was. The label only says "ale" and really only when it is talking about how it is brewed. I figured a beer brewed with Maple and Birch syrup would be dark, but dang, this was black. From what I've heard, I would recommend getting a bottle or two now and keeping them for later. They are going quick.

  5. Beer - it's what's for dinner!

    Thanks, I will be definitely looking for those. I love dark beer.

  6. Brigid, in this case lunch :)

    I'd snap one up now. I got a three types when I went in and they only had one other bottle of Life and Limb. I also got a bottle of The Stoic by Deschutes and Draft Bear by Mikkeller. Those two are for a special occasion trip coming up. I'll make sure to post how those go down. I've had the Draft Bear before and it was excellent. They cracked a bottle of The Stoic open for me at the bar and it had huge flavor. It is aged in wine and whiskey barrels.

  7. Since I do lunch in a Liquor store (Seriously.), I'll pick some of these up tomorrow!

  8. Some? Oh, I'd love to see the end result of that. I'm just happy it sounds like one is coming on the trip. Leviathan was right, this one is worth it.