Sunday, March 25, 2012

What I don't understand

When something like this happens and officers are put on administrative or "restrictive" leave instead of arrested and booked.  This seemed like a textbook situation of delusional combative guy that needed some tasing and mental evaluation at a later date.
When the officers finally gained control of Heidebrecht, they each grabbed a leg and dragged him, face down, across the floor to a police area inside the airport.
There is no question that it crossed the line at the dragging part.  At this point, it goes from a standard police response to assault and possibly misconduct and brutality.  I know quite a few officers and they get pretty sick of seeing this kind of thing.  It makes them all look bad.  There seem to be too many situations where officers take it upon themselves to go out of their way to punish people in the course of their arrest.  I understand you need to investigate to find out what happened, but why are officers treated different than citizens when these things happen?  Why would I be arrested and detained and have to post bail while the investigation is underway?  I think it's a bit backwards.  Law enforcement officers should be held to at least the same standard.  After all, the jerk in Canton that engaged in what can only be called terroristic threats gets investigated and fired, but walks away without ever being arrested.  "Insufficient evidence."  Snerk.


  1. Unfortunately, this is happening with more and more regularity. Police and military have been desensitized and have adopted an indifferent, bully mentality. Which is just perfect for Obama, his civilian military, and martial law. Look at the Brownshirts in Germany. We are seeing it so much that everyone is desensitized. How perfect for civil unrest and all that goes with it.

    1. Rose, I hope it doesn't work its way up and down as deeply as you fear. I do see it as a widespread problem and I think you touched on it with your point on desensitization. Police are being trained more and more with military tactics and as some military come back that have served in combat zones and become officers, their tactics are not transferable to a civilian population. It seems overwhelming because it is so widespread, but there is no central root. It has to be fixed department by department and with harsh penalties and criminal charges. The blue brotherhood protection is, I think, a way to let the bad apples cast a shadow on all of the good guys out there doing great work.

  2. To steal a line from Say Uncle- Like you and Me, only better