Monday, March 5, 2012

Here we go again...

So, some of you may have noticed a serious uptick in sales of firearms and ammunition.  I know Tam has been noting a seriously packed house at gun shows and that observation has been reiterated by many in the community.  I know that trying to help a couple of people get their first gun has meant seeing a lot of "out of stock" all over the intarwebs. 

I just read an article.  I know what you're going to say, yeah another article - "sigh."  That's what I was thinking but really this is a pretty darn good article.

The usual suspects are there.  The Fudd that apparently is a "former member" (I wonder why "former?" There may be a whole other story there) of a whole group of Fudds (Gun Owners for Obama) and I believe their oath to join starts with "I am a gun owner, BUT..."  Those would be the gun owners that think that their hunting rifle or handgun they keep for personal protection are in some way different than any other firearm when someone comes looking to take them.  This is the Fudd line: "I don't see the reason anyone would own an 'assault rifle' so it's ok to ban them, but they'll never come after my Benelli that I use for dove hunting."  Good luck with that.  You know the ATF almost pushed language that would have possibly put your precious Benelli in the same category as a Saiga.  Watch out when you let someone pull the "sporting purposes" wool over your eyes.  It's ok, we have your back and you probably don't even know it.

Then there is the lost anti-gun person that seems to be in denial and either; A.)  flat-out confused or B.)  purposefully ambiguous. 

"The gun lobby has long known that fear is a remarkable marketing and fundraising tool," said Woods. 

Oh really?  So, what is it that you do again?  Oh yes, there will be "blood in the streets" if this legislation is passed.  Hmmm, sounds pretty scary.  Fear isn't just coming from the gun lobby.  It's the bread and butter of the antis.

And another good one from Woods, the anti:
"But the Supreme Court ruled recently that the Second Amendment is an individual right, so that fear is completely misplaced."
Strange.  That is really the first time that I've seen an anti-gun proponent say that out loud.  Therefore, I'm highly suspicious.  It gives me a very "there's nothing to see here," "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" vibe.

All in all, sales are through the roof and background checks are off the charts.  Applications for NEW concealed carry licenses are skyrocketing.  I say regardless of the reason why, that can't be all bad.  I see this as more and more people that have a reason to vote for freedom.


  1. Indeed. Hard to listen to MSM calling gun owners all sots of things while you are looking at your first Handgun in a CCH class!

    1. Keads, I don't see how anyone can be serious that the numbers of gun owners are down. They know they are lying.

  2. Once the idea is established that the firearm is somehow at fault, then no firearm is safe from regulation and/or confiscation.

    1. Tango, you're exactly right. I don't understand how any gun owner wouldn't see that.