Thursday, March 8, 2012

God Drives a Honda

Little 45er is almost 4.  She goes to a Christian daycare, which we love.  However, it sparks conversations like this:

Driving away from daycare, we pass an older gentleman getting out of a car in the parking lot.  He is tall and has stark-white hair and a full, stark-white beard.  He's wearing sunglasses.

Little 45er:  "Dad!  I saw God!"

Me:  .......   (that's my brain trying not to short-circuit)

Me: (Now realizing she had seen the gentleman, but very curious) - "Pardon me, sweetheart?" (I still wasn't sure she'd said what she'd said)

Little 45er:  "I saw God!  He was getting out of that car!"

Me:  "You saw God?"  (still trying to make sure we're talking about the same thing)

Little 45er:  "Yes, God!" (I can hear in her voice she thinks daddy is a dolt right now).  "He was getting out the car."

Me:  "Well, that wasn't God, sweetheart.  You mean the man with the white hair?"

Little 45er:  "Yes, GOD!  He was right back there!"  The frustration in her voice is almost palpable.

I'm realizing now that she has probably seen pictures and cartoon illustrations (she loves her cartoon bible) and they have to draw Him some way (though I usually just see the talking cloud) and I've generally seen them as a stately older gentleman.  There you go, she just saw God in our town driving a Honda Civic.

Me:  God is everywhere, but he doesn't drive a car around in our town, honey.

Little 45er:  *Puzzled look*

Me:  *Puzzled look*

I then went on to try and explain the concept of a omnipresent, omniscient deity to a not-quite four-year-old.  I did the best I could, but I believe she still thinks God drives a Honda.


  1. At least she believes... Take that and run!

  2. Fuck that Noise! God drives FORD!

    To Quote Alan Moore's Magnum Opus, Watchmen: "God exists, and he's American."

    1. Funny, Weer'd, you're the second person to say that today about the Honda.

  3. I thought he drove a CHEVY.
    As a little child, I had a hard time. Looking at a picture of god from my child hood bible. He had white hair and beard, so did Santa. I mixed the two of them up quite often.

    1. Flier, I'm surprised she keeps those two easily separated.

  4. 45er buddy - THAT was awesome!!! and hey - that older gentleman just might have BEEN God!!! oh and Flier - every single one of the Jesus' that i drew in my catechism scribbler was always fat and dressed in red. i think i confused Jesus and Santa when i was a child - bahahahah!

    i think that you might have to explain the God thing for a few more years, 45er. that Little 45er is pretty cute, my friend!

    your friend,

    1. She is a doll, kymber. I don't mind explaining things. She is a sharp cookie.

  5. I did not know that, but there is still a lot I don't k ow about the Big Guy, so I am guessing there are more conversations like this n your future. She sounds precious as can be!

    1. Agirl, she makes me smile all of the time. Also, I will have these conversations all day long, but Mrs. 45er is going to have some of the other conversations. :)

  6. I don't know about God, but the disciples did. You know, gathered together in one Accord.