Sunday, January 15, 2012

Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout

This is a pretty fantastic beer and is solidly in the camp of "unusual".  If you can get it, I'm jealous.  If you can't, I'm sorry and I'm with you.  It isn't distributed locally and we have to beg and bribe friends that travel to the distribution area to grab a couple of bottles.

Brewed Heaven Juice
So, what you're probably thinking is either "Ewww" or "Too Sweet".  It has a fantastic beer flavor.  It is a great stout.  It is also not syrupy sweet.  When you pour a glass, the caramel aroma is the first thing you notice.  The first sip has the exact taste of creme brulee with just a hint of sweet.  As a matter of fact, that's when the bitter from the stout takes over.  If you want something different (let's call it a dessert beer) then this might be for you.  However, don't be fooled and give this to a beginning beer drinker.  It is a stout and is pretty complex.  I have one more bottle for now and I'm trying to think of a special occasion to crack it open.


  1. Hm. Their brewery is a scant two-to-three hour drive from me, and I know they are distributed here. I may have to go find a bottle of this...

  2. Now I wish I drank beer...well, I do, but it's usually with a ham sandwich. I only recently had my first Samual Adams Winter Lager. Sad.

  3. That just does NOT sound good...LOL

  4. ZerCool - If you can get it, it's a shame not to try it. They also have a Mocha that is good, but this is better.

    Stephen - Sam Adams Winter Lager is pretty good. If you can find their seasonal White Ale, it's darn good.

    NFO - I know, trust me I wouldn't have picked this up on my own. A friend brought it to a guys' weekend beer tasting and it was a pleasant surprise.

  5. As part of the 'bootleg' distribution chain for this very bottle, I have to say that it's worth it!

    You are right, NFO. It does not sound good. But it is really good. I bartered a few pounds of venison for my bottle, and plan to have it tonight.

  6. I take the blame for this, as key bootlegger. When I first tasted it, I sent a text to That Guy that I had seen the face of G*d. Even Mrs. 2Tall loves it.

    1. You are indeed to blame. I didn't know if you wanted to be "outed" as the supplier. :) I'm hoarding a bottle.