Sunday, January 8, 2012

A light in the dark

Weer'd has a light a candle campaign.  I agree there is only one way to stop violence.  Defend yourself against it.  Here's the Les Baer.  I admit the pictures turned out more like a vigil, but I rather like them.  This is my less regular carry piece, but still makes trips out with me.

Here is the workhorse carry piece.  The Glock 23.


  1. Nice! My pic was a bit more shall we say "pedestrian".

  2. Keads, yours is awesome. I was very pressed for time and had a cool idea, but this was what I could swing. I'm really happy to see the turnout on this.

  3. Hi, my friend, I wanted to thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog about the open letter.

    I was afraid my respone would get lost in all the other comments being left, so I came here to say thank you.

    Thanks for being one my supporters.

  4. Agirl - I very much appreciate you coming by. I read all of the comments to posts I comment on if I can. I know you're probably swamped in a good way with the atteention, so I appreciate it even more that you swung by. I hope you are in a positive place and aren't getting too much negativity. If you are, let the community know. If you think they support new gunnies, just wait until you see them come to your defense. :)