Sunday, October 9, 2011

Game cameras, the full monty and such...

Parental guidance suggested...

It's not all that bad, just a funny picture from a game camera that I think one of the guys on my lease (That Guy) has taken it as a personal slight from said young buck.  We're also talking big, nasty pigs here so if you can't take the sight of a bunch of swine eating up a bunch of free food, go no further.  (No, I'm not talking about another "Occupy: Your City Name Here").  Porkers first:

OCCUPY 45er's lease
Note: the laying around living off of things that aren't intended for you.  The similarities are striking.

Anyway, we have plans for these guys.  Serious plans.  The logisticis simply amount to getting a few people in the blind and doing some pig taking out.  It shouldn't be a problem, you saw the pictures of the blind, right?  :)  We can get three people in there very comfortably.  The plan is that I'm going to use my AR and That Guy is going to bring his Saiga.  We have a third person and I'm working out what we may want in his hands.  It isn't going to be pretty.  Then, after that we may put out traps to catch what is left.  These things are just starting to move into our area and I'd like to get a jump on them before they get out of control.  Wild pigs can be as irritating as a taint-pimple.

If it's not too late, which I fear it is

So, yeah, on to the questionable content of the post.  Game cameras are fun things.  You get great shots of nutty things (future pun not really intended, but I'll take it), like acrobatic raccoons.

I've named him Coondini
And the deer are thinking, "Dinner and a show!"  From the mischief he is inflicting, I think That Guy feels he has a date with 55 grains.

You get nice shots of the young bucks and get to have a jump start on your game management.

Not a bad, young buck
Then, there are just the things you get on camera that catch you completely off guard.  Last warning, this is the full monty (deer) edition. 

So, you can see it in his face here:

No one's watching
So, imagine flipping through your pictures, looking at antlers, judging age and deciding how you're going to annihilate pigs when this pops on your screen:
Come on, get a ROOM!

 Wait, what?

The funny thing is that there were three great shots preceding this, and I was too busy looking at antlers to notice.

Mrs. 45er:  "What the, is that...?"

Me: "What?  He's pretty young, still small but..."

Mrs. 45er:  "No, what he's doing.."

Me: "Huh? Oh, Bwahahahaha"

Yes, it was juvenile, but it caught me so off-guard that it kicked over the giggle box in my inner 12 year-old.  So, now I'm sharing this (most likely inappropriate content) with you.

EDIT: I just decided not to be totally classless and get all censorship-happy.


  1. You do know the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts, right? Beer nuts are $1.25, and deer nuts are under a buck.

    Sorry. I couldn't resist.

    I've got a Springfield 1873 trapdoor in .45-70 complete with bayonet. That's do a pig or two.

  2. Oh, Shepherd, I've heard that one before and so would have used it if I'd thought of it.

    That is a sweet rifle that I'd like to play with. In my professional hunting career many moons ago, some people looked down on the .45-70 as an outdated cartridge. I'll tell you, I saw it drop many an animal in their tracks including some big game and big pigs. One of the most painful things I've fired is a .45-70 in a Thompson Encore handgun configuration. I didn't know they made them in that caliber and I highly suspect this was a custom job. The twist on your wrist from the torque was what was most uncomfortable.

  3. Ah, North gets the rimshot. Ba Dum, Psst.

  4. The wife and I busted out laughing when we saw the uncensored pic.

    Looks like some of the last 2 years management is paying off. Got rid of a lot of the trash bucks.

  5. Yeah, I posted it like that and thought better of it. Just a bit too crass. I have seen 4 nice ones at one time under the feeder. Still, there are quite a few that need to be taken out. I'm sure we can do that.

  6. Yeah, LB, you just never know what's going to be on those cameras. It's like Christmas every time you download the pictures. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. I need to get me a couple of them camera's. And, I would love to be able to get one of them pigs for my smoker. Course, some good venison would work also. My Dad has and old 32 Winchester Special, that would do them deer pretty good.

  8. The cameras are great to have. Each of us got one last year and we love them. My brother has already taken a couple of pigs and we're going to use the pork to make our venison sausage. It sure makes it cheap when you don't have to buy the pork.