Monday, October 24, 2011

Back from the M.O.N.

Middle of Nowhere.  Boy, was that a great trip.  We ate, fished, hiked, shot, tore around on four-wheelers and enjoyed some great beer in the evening.   I barely have time to post this, but I will say it was an incredible time.  I have tons of pictures and I'll have to sort through them to find some good ones for you.

For now, head over to That Guy's place and vote for our patches.  That's right, I'm completely leeching off of his already written post.  I'm that worn out (or lazy) right now. 


  1. Welcome home. Man, I miss all the good stuff...

  2. Glad you had fun, and no problems! :-)

  3. Stephen, I wish I could hang with all the good people on the gun blogs. If only time and space weren't such an issue

    NFO, it was a much needed unwinding and zero problems are always welcome in this kind of trip.