Monday, September 5, 2011

This is my sad face

I have a friend that just got a new Ruger LC9.  I asked if I could borrow it for a weekend and do a review.  These reviews work on multiple levels for me.  I can work out all of the things on a handgun to answer questions for the owner, I can shoot it myself (fun, fun) and I can do a review for people that follow me and all the others out there looking for information.  

This weekend looked awesome.  I have the gun.  It was a three-day weekend and the weather was going to be perfect.  The temperature was forecast to be about 20 degrees cooler than normal, which is just insanely perfect.  Mrs. 45er had to work Saturday and Sunday, but Monday was my day.  The fever started on Saturday.  By today I was a miserable pile of deep-chest coughing mess and general impediment to the wife on her day off. 

I'm in no way whining since, in the end it just meant I sat on the couch all day and finished my Harry Callahan marathon.  With Extra Strength Tylenol, all is fine.  I had just hinted to some and flat-out told others that there would be a review this weekend.

It is to be, it is just not to be right now.


  1. That sucks... I tend to get sick at least one holiday a year... sigh

  2. I am hardly ever down like this. If I can't make it to the range, something bad is happening.