Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bunch of Animals

I mean to say we went to see a bunch of animals.  The temperature has stopped being a ridiculous three-digit monster, so we decided to take the fam to the zoo.

Ubiquitous gun-blogger tiger picture
We had a great time.  The girls just love animals and they couldn't wait to see the lions, which were pretty much a small juvenile male and young lioness, but hey they didn't know better.  They do have one of these, though...

Komodo Dragon
Yeah, and that's pretty much what they do.  All of the time.  Well, except when they are being the absolute nastiest reptile on the planet.

It started to get pretty warm and the animals do what they do, lay down and hide.  I guess when that happens, you make the most of it and I was pretty happy to get the opportunity for this next picture.

So, as the day started to heat up and it got close to lunch-time, we found a nice cool place to eat.  Buying lunch for a family of four at the zoo?  Your loan has been approved, sir.  You can eat now.  Yikes.

So, off to one of their cooler exhibits.  They have a Lory enclosure that is a really neat thing for the kiddos.

Note, the bait-and-switch by Red so the cool customer in green can pick my pocket

And that's what happened, the little guy in green was actually pulling our zoo tickets out of my pocket.  I guess he thought it was the key to a slick escape.  The ugly green "cover" shirt with leaves on it was also a hit with the little guys.  They were pulling at it with their beaks.  You can buy these little condiment cups full of nectar at the concession stand and walk on in with them.  As soon as I walked in, one of the little guys pounced and actually pulled the lid off to get at the stuff.  It was kind of funny.

Itty Bitty and the Lory
  That's almost all, I'm not going to bore you with the hundreds of pictures like the slideshow you are forced to endure after a relative's vacation.  I'll just leave you with the oddest looking warthog I've ever seen.

Get a Haircut.  Dirty Hippy


  1. Looks like you had a great day!

  2. Fantastic! Great pics and a great day!

  3. Thanks, Keads. It sure beat sitting at home watching some horrific children's show that I'm pretty sure were designed just to torture parents.

  4. I took Brigid III to the zoo in her little stroller. Denver, high altitude, stroller with 50 pounds of baby tactical gear. Grandma may be young and in decent shape, but DAMN.

    She had no interest at all in the large animals, but the jungle exhibit with snakes and spiders and fish. Oh yeah, she didn't want to leave. I HATE spiders. Next thing you know she's going to grow up and get a Glock like Mommy and totally ignore Nana B's nice 1911.

  5. We took two strollers and bags and all of the "too much" stuff parents tend to take. Pushing all of that around as the sun climbed in the sky started to take it out of us.

    Both of mine absolutely love all kinds of animals. It's not surprising since both mom and dad have Zoology backgrounds. I'll just be thrilled if the girls are into guns at all, though I'd like to culture them a little before they go to tupperware.

  6. Next time you are heading there, let us know. We can add an insane 3 year old boy and another stroller to the mix.

  7. We'll have to meet up there when it cools down some. We decided to do this Friday afternoon and I knew you were hitting the gun show this weekend. As you know it's pretty much a half day because naptime ends all activities.