Friday, September 9, 2011

Synthetic Meat

I mean, what in the world isn't appetizing about that?

It reminds me of a great little show we used to watch called Better Off Ted.  That show was just fantastic and this was one of my favorite lines...

That pretty much sums up what I think synthetic meat would taste like.


  1. Good one... I LIKE my whole hog spicy sausage... :-)

  2. We're lucky enough to be able to make all of our sausage, so we know everything that is in it. Even at that, I'd rather eat store bought real meat sausage than white lumps of goo sausage.

  3. If it comes to pass. And they start to sell it in our country. I'm going to put my money in steak sauce, and ketchup stocks.

    Long live REAL meat!

  4. Hey, Flier, I'm with you on the steak, but you lost me on the ketchup.

    Yes to real meat, especially when you harvest it yourself. That just cannot be beat.

  5. [ralph wiggum]they taste like... burning!![/ralph wiggum]

  6. And later in the episode, the taster loses his mind. Which I will say is probably pretty close to reality.