Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shadetree Jihadist

I happened to click on a Fox News story today about an Al Qaeda website that has published a hit list of some organizations.  First off, fine, but if these guys could do some serious damage to anyone in the US, they would have already done it without needing a "hit list".  So, here is the article, and here is the real point for the post:

This scope angle allows me to shoot back in time.
 You have got to be freaking kidding me.  Straight from the website where the threats are coming (no I did NOT go there, just the news article alone scared me into thinking they'd kick down my door for just typing it into Google), I bring you the shadetree jihadist.  You see, I've been kind of looking around for a nice scope mount for my CETME.  Maybe a nice Stanag, or heck I don't know I haven't even decided yet.  I just want something pretty solid.  Orrrrrr, I can go with the "flat piece of steel bent into a curve and somehow hooked into the receiver with the rear scope ring kind of angled over touching and the scope at a 20 degree angle from the barrel" mount.  I know, I know.  NEVER underestimate your enemy.  I know, I really do.  But it's hard not to think these guys are the freaking Keystone Cops of evildoers.  And that's all for now.

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