Friday, June 17, 2011

Bullet List

I saw Rockinaseaofchaos doing a bucket list with guns called a "Bullet List" that The Miller has started.  What a cool idea.  I'm sure we all have wishes and wants, but to condense it down to about 10 biggies is a great idea.  It's also one that might actually help me focus on the things I really want to get done instead of being pulled in different directions.  Oh look, something SHINY!!  Yeah, that's me.  I have accomplished a few of the things on my list in the last few years, but I have a few left.

1.  Get my kids into shooting and the wife to the range more.  This one is coming up quick.  My oldest daughter is just about to the point where we will start working on basics with air guns.  I couldn't imagine where I'd be if I would have had correct training from a very young age.

2.  Get into the Class III scene.  In my group of shooting buddies, there are only a couple of us left that are Class III virgins.  I really, REALLY want to get my collection going.  It's just that whole expense thing.  It will happen.

3.  Sort out and clean up my gun collection.  I know I've mentioned that I really don't like selling anything.  On the other hand, there are a couple of items I could stand to move that could be converted into items I would be MUCH happier to have and actually use.

4.  Get all the little gun projects done.  I have a few projects that could stand to be completed before I go getting more guns, but new guns are just too tempting.

5.  Get a reloading kit and get good at it.  That Guy from Rockinaseaofchaos has been tempting me with constant emails with various sales for reloading equipment.  He is a professional enabler in case he hasn't mentioned it.  I dabbled in the past and got pretty good with what I had, but just didn't have enough equipment.

6.  Work more on long range stuff.  I've done a bit of it in the past and I'm not half-bad, but I really need to take a class and work on how to get my dope worked up.

7.  Take more classes.  We do a class whenever we can, but I could stand to take more.  A lot more.

8.  Get more people involved in shooting.  I've gotten a few people into the sport and even helped half a dozen of them get their concealed handgun license, but there is always the next one.

9.  Go on a big hunting trip with my dad.  We've been hunting together since I can remember.  I know he wants to go Elk hunting.  I would just love to make it happen someday.

10.  Set up more practice/training trips with my shooting buddies.  We just did a big one down here and we're talking about making it regular.  I want to make that happen and I'm already planning a spring trip including the wives. 

Well, it's a wordy one, but that just about covers it.  It's kind of good to have goals.  I still have a feeling I'll circumvent the big list for the low hanging fruit like a new gun when I can get one.  Thanks, Miller.  Great idea!


  1. Nice list. One thing you mentioned that I should have done is shooting with the kiddo. I am looking forward to shooting with him.

    And we need to get your dad a .22 lever gun.

  2. I was almost to the bottom when I thought of that one and put it as #1. You're right about the .22 lever action. That's something I've been meaning to do. Maybe a nice Henry for Christmas.

  3. i've had good experience w/ these folks as far as class 3 is concerned - would suggest that if your just starting out considering something in .22 - it gets pricey shooting automatics lol

    1. We're going to stick with suppressors for a while before we jump into FA. That's a whole other price level. If I ever do it (big if), I'll probably register an AR lower and get a .22 upper and a variety of others.