Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't mind the crazy

It's just me dancing over a new book release.

Something else about me is I'm an avid (ok, insanely voracious) reader.  I'll read just about anything IF it is good.  By no means am I a hard-core science fiction fan, but I do enjoy any well written book.  All of that aside, there hasn't been a series of books that I have actually stalked until Larry Correia started his Monster Hunter International (MHI) series.  I started reading the first little hints of the idea on The High Road.  Then I jumped at the chance to get a copy when it was self published.  It seems like that was forever ago.  Now, here I am haunting his blog waiting for the very mention of when the next book might be released.  I have read many series of books by many authors, but I've never stalked their books.  Correia is a gun nut firearms enthusiast first, so it's great to not have to worry about slides on revolvers interrupting your reading.  That or just the very general gun descriptions that are almost as irritating.  The other thing that is really interesting is that Correia offers to sign copies of his books for those that follow him.  He's done it since the very beginning and it has really impressed me that he has stuck with the demand and even tried to find the best way to continue doing it as long as he can.  At some point I'm sure the demand will be overwhelming, but for now I'm buying at least 2 autographed copies of everything he releases.  Give MHI a try, you'll thank me.  If that isn't your speed (trust me, you're just hurting yourself by not trying it) then Dead Six will be up your alley.  It's more along the fiction/military action/awesome gunplay road.  I read the very early releases of this one as he and co-writer Mike Kupari were putting out little bits at a time and it was incredible.  I'm sure the book version is by far better (not that the story I read wasn't awesome).  At least that's what Larry is telling his readership.  He hasn't steered me wrong, yet.

So, here is the release of the third installment, MHI: Alpha.  Go here and keep reading.  He's a great writer.

Oh, yeah.  I have no vested interest whatsoever in the success of this series of books other than being utterly selfish and wanting to read more.  Larry has no idea who I am other than a stark-raving mad fan.  I'm sure he'll have visions of Misery if he ever reads this, though he'll be infinitely more prepared to deal with the threat.