Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gunnie Reuse, Recycle

I was thinking of doing a post on this, but I was lazy and it was really That Guy's idea anyways.  If you have cardboard (you always have cardboard) and a partial can of spray paint you can save a bunch of money and have cool targets.  You can see them in my header photo.  We use them a lot and they take a lot of abuse before you have to replace them.  Honestly, I've just taped another piece of cardboard over the vital area and kept on trucking after chewing out the center.  Then, after they're all shot up, take them down to the recycling center.  The looks you will get will make even that task fun.  :)


  1. If it works, it's NOT wrong... :-)

    1. That's my way of thinking!

      It also reminds me of the time that 45er came to check on me after I was trying to skin and quarter 2 axis deer all on my own for the first time. I was covered with blood from chin to shoelaces, exhausted, with a knife in my hand.... wasn't pretty, but it was done.

    2. NFO, that's it exactly. This actually works really well and talk about saving money.

      That Guy, hehe, yeah I guess that worked, but was so wrong. lol