Sunday, August 21, 2011

Knife vs Gun

I know the news is old (December of last year) but I had never seen this video.  I usually search news every once in a while for guns in the news (GITN) and follow other people that link to guns in the news.  I don't know how I missed it and I also don't know why there are only 46 views on this video on YouTube.  This is a GREAT example of why you should have a firearm for self-defense.  Now, while there are lots of things to say like "should have had it on you" and "carry chambered" (notice the slide cycle), the reality is at least the guy had one and got it into play so I'll put that in the +1 for firearm defense category.  Yes, he was lucky that he was even able to since the guy was able to get to him before he got it and he didn't have his fighting mindset rolling yet since you can see the shock in his face even as the guy is attacking him.  There is also hesitation as he begins to reach for the gun and can't decide what to do.  So, we should take another lesson from this; that mental preparedness is just as important as training preparedness.  Don't let the shock of violence take you out of the fight.  Now, as a warning there is some blood in this one due to the knife.  It's probably one of the most graphic attacks with a gun used in self-defense I've seen on video.  I'm not going to go against what I just said by saying "don't watch if you can't take it".  If you can't take this, you're in a world of hurt if you have to deploy your defensive firearm. 

Also, here is the link because Blogger doesn't like you to watch embedded video full-screen.

EDIT:  I found a news article that gives a little more information.  It happened in Turkey.


  1. Holy crap. BTW, did you notice he fired from "one quarter homie" and made a decisive hit?

    Making a hit after being stabbed and beaten. Good on him.

  2. I know, Tango, right? Eeek

    That Guy - That's kind of what I was thinking. There were a lot of reasons to not be able to perform and the guy seemed to have kept his wits. I'm still confused on the hit. I see at least two shots but the perp seems to react on the first which seems to hit the soda bottles (really close to the innocent). That's either a weird through and through (huh, physics) or the guy fainted when he heard shots. I sure wouldn't have turned my back on him until the police showed up.