Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's in the hole! It's in the hole!

Nostalgia draws Mrs. 45er to mini-golf.  I get a kick out of it myself, but it has been years since I've gone to a for-real mini-golf course.  We tried one on a vacation that was really nothing more than some bumps and humps.  Not really any good.  This time, we had something of a blast.

Looking at the water, I'm guessing it's St. Patty's Day
So, we started knocking balls around and Mrs. 45er put up with my normal level of snark.  Then the rain came.

I know, the WHAT?  It hasn't rained here in..  well, I can't remember the last time.  So, we waited it out in the tunnel just enjoying the cool breeze and chatting.  They offered an umbrella, but we decided if we were going to play through we would just do it in the rain.  We found out later we got exactly zero point zero inches of rain back home.  Typical.

So, the rain stopped.  On to the next hole.

Giraffes don't follow instruction well

At this point, I've started calling the water "Caribbean" green to the amusement of Mrs. 45er.  I'm thinking I want to "stay on the marked path" as the sign demands for fear of falling in the porta-potty water, but more on that later.  The giraffe was left to fend for himself.


We continued to climb and whack the poor, defenseless balls when we came upon an awesome sight.

Someone have a plunger?
I was mesmerized by what can only be described as the most vomitous Tommyknocker-green fountain I have ever seen in my life.  At this point, you're at the pinnacle of the course.  On top of your game.  But the worst is yet to come, because in the next water hazard, there are zombie seals that will eat your soul.

 Click for BIGNESS.  Really, you have to see the eyes.  That's how you can tell a live from undead seal.
mmmm, souls
I can only guess that the foam is what the excrement of digested souls looks like.  It's ok, though, since according to the anti-freedom (gun/hunting) crowd, I'd be quite safe in that regard since I probably have no soul.  Mrs. 45er almost lost her ball in here, but it's ok I had a putter and was able to fend them off.  Luckily, I didn't damage it since the signs every 10 feet told me that would cost me a $20 bill.  Well, and I needed it to finish the course.  I didn't feel the need to yank out the old Glock 23 for some silly old undead marine mammals.

All-in-all, we really had a great day.  I almost feel about mini-golf like I feel about going back and watching old episodes of The A-TeamGreat in theory, but better left to the annals of your imaginative youth.  Actually, we had a great time and we won't discuss scores.  That's just not good form.


  1. It was the eyes, man... THE EYES!!!!

    You are getting some of my luck. No rain in six months- take the wife on an open air date... rain.

  2. Yeah, I need to take her on open air dates around HERE, I guess.

  3. Dude, I slice more balls than a vet on the Golf course. Decided to take up shooting!

  4. I missed this one, Keads. That there's funny.