Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm baaaack...

MHA upped the ante for Larry.  I always wonder where the top end is for getting better, but he hasn't found the top yet.  I won't be doing a huge review.  I will just say that there were multiple story lines running and it never was confusing.  Every time a story line ended, I just wanted so bad to know what happened, but since that storyline ended and another started that I was wanting to get to I just couldn't stop reading that one either.  The book was multiple layers of addiction.  Each character was addicting, each storyline was addicting, and the whole book was addicting.  It sat on my desk at work and tempted me all damn day.  It's an awesome read.

Also, you gun bloggers are crazy.  I can't even catch up with all of the posts and information I've missed in just a couple of days.  I'm doing the best I can.  Again, I think it's awesome we have such a huge base of passionate people.  Keep it up.


  1. Well, if it does sting, never fear! There is universal health care....., no wait.....

  2. I know how you feel, read it in one night..good book.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Stephen. After I finished it, I kept picking the book up and flipping through it like there was some hidden pages I had missed. I can't wait for "Dead Six".