Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Standard" ammo chamberings

That Guy at Rock in a Sea of Chaos has made a very good point.  Remember all of the intarweb gun forum talk of "standard" chamberings for survival rifles and how in the occurrence of said emergency situation you would just be able to find it anywhere?  I think our current state of affairs has proven that theory very wrong.  Unless you're willing to fight someone for it who obviously has more ammo than you (since that's what you're after), then the supply will be non-existent when high demand occurs.  I guess I'm glad I have some of the funky calibers in the safe that I can still get ammo for if I really needed to.


  1. Good point... And the only thing I've seen at the shops were the 'odd' calibers!

    1. You know, NFO, this never crossed my mind but as soon as he said something, I knew exactly what he was talking about. It seemed to make sense in theory, but when everyone has the guns, everyone wants the ammo, too. Luckily, I have some oddballs to feed. Maybe I'll leave the AR in the safe so I can hoard the ammo and break out the revolver and get the rust off of my wheelgun skills. I have an old .303 that needs some refurbishing, too. Now must be the time.

    2. The .303 might be the only thing you can find magazines for!

    3. Hopefully, since mine still doesn't have one :P