Friday, November 18, 2011

Old Newness

It's amazing that you can excite your self just by rearranging the stuff that you already have.  A good friend of mine, That Guy, had a rail that mounts on a CETME.  He didn't have much luck with it.  On his last hunting trip down here he brought it and left it with me.  I finally got around to slapping it on my rifle last night.  Sorry, just cell phone pictures.  I was too lazy to pull out the other camera.

The cool thing is that I have a Leupold scope that is in a set of A.R.M.S. quick detach rings.  It was mounted on my AR for hunting.  It's done a pretty good job on the AR so far, I got 4 deer with it two years ago and a couple last year.  However, I just feel lacking in some versatility with that .223 round.  Especially with big pigs running around.  I've really been wanting to try out a .308 and this might be the answer.  That is if it patterns well.  Coming off of the AR to the CETME, the bore-sighter says the scope is 5 inches high and an inch left.  I'll be taking it out this weekend to see what it does.

So far, I like the look of it and the ability to switch the scope back and forth and just sight it in without having to do a lot of ring and base work.  So, in theory - awesome.  Reality?  Well, I guess we'll test that out this weekend.


  1. I'd recommend marking the scope settings for each rifle... And we learned this weekend, that whole Picatinny rail and never having to rezero; well, not so much...

  2. I hope it works better on your CETME than it did on mine.

  3. When you need to restock on your ammo you should check out The Sportsman's Guide. They have really good prices on ammo especially if you buy in bulk. Here are links for their ammo or the page for Pistol ammo. I hope this helps you out. Let us kow how that .308 works our for ya.

  4. NFO and That Guy - I was cruising on a big failboat with this attempt. There were two big issues, the mount itself has inherent problems in the design (as That Guy already found and I guess I had to find for myself). There is really nothing to keep the mount from moving forward and back. The bullet strike was easily 5 or 6 feet low. When I got it home and took it off to adjust, I saw good sized scratches on the receiver which equal mount movement. Time to sell and get a real semi-auto .308.

    Anon, I have a few battlepacks left from a case of .308 I bought. For how much I use this thing, I have .308 coming out of my ears. That may change when I look at getting an AR 10.

  5. I also feel like, Hey, if Anon was spam, then at least it was personalized spam, so it can stay. :)