Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Teenager defends his home

...and the dispatcher is doing her best to get him killed.  I understand the desire to protect the responding officers, but to tell a victim during a hot break-in to put down a firearm is reckless.  Thankfully, this young man seems to have a great head on his shoulders and was thinking completely rationally.

               After the brother got on the phone, the dispatcher ordered him to put down his shotgun.
               "I don't know how many it was (who broke in).  Just one came around the corner. 
                I got one more in the chamber.  I'm going to shoot again," the boy said.

                Dispatcher:  "Do not, while I'm on the phone, do not fire that firearm again, OK."

                Teenager: "What if another one comes in the house, ma'am?"

Yes, what if?  This seems to be a pattern we've seen in 911 calls where the dispatcher is treating a homeowner like a police officer.  Homeowners are not in the business of negotiating with potentially armed and violent intruders.  Instructions like this during a frantic state might be obeyed by a young person (or anyone).  Then after being told to put the gun down, here comes the other intruder and you're toast.  Good job to him for keeping his head and doing the right thing to protect him and his sister.  I certainly hope he will not suffer mentally for having to do this and he understands he did the right thing.


  1. Sometimes I wonder which side those 911 dispatchers are on.

  2. I can understand the dispatcher's desire to protect LEO's lives but they aren't on the scene either.

  3. Stephen - they are 100% on the responding officers' side which is really important to keep in mind. They are there to protect the officer 1st and you 2nd.

    Tango Juliet - you are spot on and that is my entire beef with the situation. If the dispatcher had said "they had secured the outside and the officers were going to come in, please put down the gun" i'd be completely on-board. To tell a victim in the middle of a life-threatening situation to discard a means of defense is ludicrous.

  4. 45er, I agree 100%. It could of been a lot worse, and ended differently.

  5. Flier - You're right. I'm just happy to hear he's the one telling the story and not someone else. Thanks