Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cleaned some guns or Carteach is awesome

So we did a range trip this weekend that involved a lot of different firearms.  I had borrowed a Springfield XDm from a friend, so I really needed to clean that one up to get it back tomorrow.  Now, about a million years ago in internet time Carteach did a fund raiser for the Wounded Warrior Foundation and it was quite successful.  I was lucky enough to win a Sentry Solutions Armorers kit.

I will hang my head in shame and tell you I had not used it yet.  Yes, I have cleaned guns since I got it, but I just didn't break it out and have to do sum lernin' and stuff at the time.  Tonight I busted it out and got to work.  I cleaned as normal using Hoppe's #9 and wiped everything clean.  There are a few different products in the kit.  Most of them are essentially dry lubricants.  There was also some grease and a few Tuff Cloths.  I was excited when I got this because I was looking for a high temperature lubricant for my P3AT.  I carry very regularly, but have to leave things in the car sometimes.  In Texas, vehicles internal temps get way up there and regular light oils just run off or dry right up.  The dry lube and grease in this box were very high temp so I'm excited to see how that works for me.  I can tell you right now that the difference was noticeable in the slide when the lubes were applied.

This package is very slick, indeed.  :)   I can't wait to get some range-time in with it to try it out.


  1. Good! I am gladdened that you are finding some use for the kit! Thank you.

  2. After using it the first time, I'm really interested in it for all kinds of applications. Thanks again.