Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carry your gun

... and be prepared.  Here is a crazy video and story from North Texas.  When a homeowner tried to stop someone from attempting to steal a car:
One of the suspects rushed to the door, slashed the homeowner and attempted to chase him into the home, Haltom City police said.  But the homeowner escaped inside.
No reason to run, just draw the firearm you should have on you.  The trash is getting pretty brazen these days.  I think it's time for more citizens to exercise their right to self defense.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Rev. I'm just glad the homeowner got away with just a cut.

  2. Concur, brazen is right... sigh

  3. The Devil doesn't make appointments.

  4. Ok, agreed, but I probably wouldn't have started shouting at the guy, especially if I didn't have a gun.

  5. NFO - yeah, it's getting bad when they aren't afraid to get caught.

    Tango - exactly, always have the meeting penciled into your holster.

    Agirl - you're on point with that. I don't believe confronting someone is bad if you are prepared. However, this person obviously didn't even have a Plan A, which is a great way to get hurt. If you have that much notice, you should be prepared with your biggest defense should this go sideways. If that isn't a firearm, call the police (and I guess light a candle).

  6. What was that saying? Oh yeah, "Walk softly and carry a big gun" or something like that.


  7. I hope they catch the s.o.b.. The guy was really lucky. I'm with ya, more people need to be armed legally.

  8. PolyKahr - thanks for stopping by. You're right. I like your version better.

    Flier - Me, too. You-e right and luck is not the best of strategies. Hope isn't good tactics. Being armed for defense on the other hand, that could work.

  9. That could have gone wrong real quickly. I never even open my front door unless I am leaving. I learned that lesson.

    1. FYI, although not highlighted in another color, the word "lesson" in Keads comment is a link to a story that is worth a read.

  10. Keads, you're absolutely right about that. When we answer the door, the storm door stays closed and locked to strangers. That barricade gives the time to present what is in my hand.