Sunday, January 22, 2012

Range Time (finally)

I finally got out and did some shooting.  It's been a little while and I had some things to check on.  The slide from my Les Baer took a little tumble as I was cleaning it and landed on the front sight.  Results on that one made me smile as I chewed out the middle of the target.  Sigh of relief there.

I burned a couple of magazines through the P3AT and had no issues with the 9 round magazine, but some with the 6 round magazine.  I've made the determination that this gun needs to be run relatively "wet".  While that doesn't make me super happy, I think I have a solution.  We will see.  If not, it's going on the auction block.

I had removed the red dot sight from my AR for hunting season and slapped my scope in the quick detach rings on it.  It turns out I didn't really need it, but I had to put the red dot back on and I wanted to make sure it was still on.  The good news is that it hit real close, but was a tad low.  I adjusted for that and we're back in business.

I let Mrs. 45er do some work with it:

Then I did a few reps of multiple target acquisition and mag change stuff.  I also had an unintentional failure drill.  It went click when it should have gone bang.  I was happy that I went straight to the bolt and cycled it out, finishing the exercise.  It's always nice to know that you revert to training when you don't know it's coming.  What did I find that caused it, you ask?

Wolf, steel ammo, yes.  I haven't had problems with feeding or firing since I've started using it, but this was interesting.  My guess is that the case doesn't have a flash-hole drilled into it so the primer ignition could not get to the powder and therefore blew back out of the pocket.  My next thought was:  I'll bet I could pop that piece of primer off and confirm my suspicion.  My very next immediate thought was:  What the heck are you thinking?  Stupid and dangerous for no reason.  In the trash it went.

As it got later, I did some laser sight training with Mrs. 45er and had a little fun with that.  All in all a good range day.  Then again, short of shooting yourself, when is range time not good?


  1. TJ, thanks

    BlueEyedBaby, you're absolutely correct. I also realized that I was under the mistaken impression that you didn't have a blog (I didn't see it in your follower icon profile). That has been corrected and I apologize. It is now in the sidebar. Thanks very much.

  2. Good for you, and yes, changing out optics they DO have to be rechecked/reset... I have yet to see anything of mine actually go exactly back where it was. Glad the Mrs. got out too! We went shooting today, but in 28 degree weather with snow on the ground... CHILLY

    1. You're right, NFO. I do have a set of quick detach rings on a scope that really do return to zero (tested repeatedly) but I still like to put a couple of rounds downrange to make sure. Shooting in the cold. Something we don't get to do much here.

  3. Lynne over at female and armed had a good idea on training for the FTF drills - have mrs 45er load your mags and stick a few snap caps in there w/o tellin ya. I would have never thought of that but seems like something worth trying

    1. I buy polymer dummy rounds in big bags. When I can I have someone else load the mags, but it's still almost expected anytime someone else loads my mags if you know what I mean.