Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Free Stuff, Girly Guns, The Touch and Melted Things

Yes, I have been away.  Quite a bit out of touch.  The good news is that it was for mostly good reasons.  Work has been tough, but I'm not going to complain about having a job.  July is a big birthday month around here so plans had to be made, gifts were given and time was lost.  First off, a great thing happened to my dad.  A local restaurant needed to replace their cooler and freezer and needed someone to haul away the old one.  My dad got the call and...

This is a big deal to us.  With the amount of hunting and game processing that we do, this is a monumental asset to us.  My parents already have an extra refrigerator and two freezers.  In the middle of hunting season that sometimes isn't enough.  I can't wait until we get this up and running this fall.  We're pretty excited.  Now, on to guns.  Kind of...

At this point I will say That Guy is responsible for this.  As a matter of fact, I believe that from this point forward he deserves a different nom de guerre.  From here on he will be known as That Guy The Enabler.  So, That Guy The Enabler emailed me the other day and said, "Hey, Woot has a cool trainer rifle for Little 45er."  I looked and sure enough, they did.  Real cheap (probably because at some point they absorbed some kind of radioactivity and now glow this atrocious color).  So, I went for it.  Little 45er is thrilled, by the way.  I went out to sight it in and...

.177 caliber zombie killer
This was the first target I found to sight it in.  From 20 feet it hit low right.  After moving the sights the wrong way (heh) I walked it back up on the left side and after some adjustment, took the shot on the right side.  This sucker can dot a zombie eye from 20 feet.  Little 45er will be my back up while I am reloading.

So, no pics here but I mentioned The Touch in the title.  This is the real reason I've been so out of it lately.  Mrs. 45er got me a Kindle Touch for my birthday.  I am an avid - ok - rabid reader.  The first thing I did was download a huge amount of free books.  Of course, most of the free books are classics, which is fine with me.  I love classic stuff.  I stumbled upon a free zombie book which was surprisingly good and I even paid a few bucks for the next book from the same author.  I've read those two and I'm engrossed in some Sherlock Holmes right now.  I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the digital book-reading age.  So you can blame Mrs. 45er and Kindle for my prolonged absence.

Finally, the Melted Things.  For our birthday dinner, Mrs. 45er and I went to a restaurant called The Melting Pot.  Remember the 70s and fondue?  I don't, but hey it's a thing again and it is such a fun experience.

Mmmm, cheese
Yes, cheese is the best.  This was a Sam Adams Boston Lager beer bacon cheese fondue.  It was fabulous (and had bacon!)  Speaking of the beer, we chose to do the flight of beers that was paired with each course.

Mmmm, beer
That was a great idea.  The pairings were great and the dessert course was surprisingly wonderful with the Rogue Chocolate Stout.

main course
I've never done full courses of fondue like this.  It was a very cool experience and a whole lot of fun.  The dessert was the best part.  Isn't it always?

the chocolate
It was a wild berry chocolate with crunchy peanut butter.

the pairing
What kind of beer could possibly go with dessert?  Well, if you're eating chocolate fondue this good, I recommend this Rogue Chocolate Stout.  It was phenomenal.

So, now we're just miserably full.  So, what should we do?  Go downtown, get a hotel room and wander around drinking.  This is what I call a nightcap...

Good Lord
That is two 32 ounce glasses, neigh, bowls of margarita there.  Thank goodness it was just a short stroll back to the hotel from here.  So, this is a compilation of my excuses for being out of touch lately.


  1. Glad things are okay, and sounds like good times (other than the fondue, which I didn't like then)!

    1. They're great, NFO. It actually was pretty darn good. I think we picked all of the right choices. I don't think you can go wrong with beer cheese and bacon.

  2. [quote]Thank goodness it was just a short STUMBLE back to the hotel from here.[/quote]

    Fixed that for you.

    1. I wasn't gonna go there, but... Yeah.

  3. Oh, and I'm glad that pellet gun is working for you. About to get one for That Kid soon

    1. I saw the same one with the scope at Academy, but twice the price. I'm pretty impressed with accuracy and power isn't bad either. Thanks.