Saturday, May 26, 2012

In Memoriam

I'm sure that everyone that follows this blog or reads here does not need to be told what Memorial Day is truly about.  Little 45er and I had a very frank and serious conversation on the way home from a local ceremony this week and I didn't hold back.  I tend not to hold back when she asks questions.  It's a difficult thing to truly understand but she put her best effort into it.  Every year a local bank puts on a very serious Memorial Day event.  It is truly in the spirit of the day.  It is a community event complete with a flyover, food, honor guard and ceremony.  I'm truly thrilled things like this take place.  I smile when I see the veterans young and old sitting in their reserved section replete in their full regalia.  The older veterans are a true sight to see.  The timing of the flyover couldn't have been more perfect.  Those flyboys sure seem to have a thing about being on time.  :)  They do it every year.

here and gone
For the last few years, they have had F-16s do the flyover and there is nothing quite like being that close to something that serious.  This year there were apparently some issues with the local base's runway and they shut it down.  These were a pair of T45 Goshawks (Navy planes at that) from the next closest base.  I'm sure few noticed the difference.  It was still fantastic.

table ceremony
The table ceremony is always an amazing thing.  I've heard it called the POW/MIA table ceremony or missing man ceremony.  It's truly an honor to see.

Little 45er 
The 21 gun salute was, well startling.  The local VFW always does that and they do with what they have.  No M1s here, they use shotguns.  One appeared to be a fully outfitted home-defense model.  Again, few people notice these things.  Little 45er even got a little prize.

Apparently, they use Fiocchi 12 gauge blanks.

After the ceremony, free hot dogs and drinks.  Then, at the end of the night...

In all, a wonderful evening.  Most of all, the service members really seem to understand how much we all appreciate them.   My hat's off to all of you out there doing the actual hard work.  My head bows to those that gave all.


  1. Very nice! Glad y'all got to do it!

    1. Me too, and thanks to you, NFO.

  2. thanks so much for sharing the pics with us - it seemed like a lovely ceremony and very fitting for the day. i am glad that you are teaching little 45er what it is all about. my goodness she is cute! now where's the rest of the bacon?

    your friend,

    1. It was very nice, kymber. Mrs. 45er and I made the decision long ago that our kids would not learn such things from kids at school and their teachers. They would learn from us. Thanks to you, too, kymber.

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    1. Thanks, Agirl, and thank your hubby for me, too.

  4. Awesome! Glad to see folks still remember the reason for the day! Unfortunately, due to timing and family/toddler conflicts, Mrs.Alien and I were unable to either make it up to Ft. Hood to the ceremony at the cemetery where Dad is buried, nor to the parade in downtown Austin. But I did get to tell a vet or two "thanks", and saluted several "DV" (disabled vet) license plates and three cemeteries with flags at half-mast on our way from Austin back to Dallas yesterday afternoon.

    1. Thanks for swinging by, Rabid. I think that it isn't about the ceremony but the mental attitude and respect you show day in and day out for those that serve and have given some or all. I think a constant recognition such as yours is worth far more.