Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thanks and I'm a goof

First off, thank you to a new follower:  Falcondawn for hitting the follower button.  I'm still scrolling through the blog and it is interesting and eclectic.  I kind of like it as a different experience.  I've always enjoyed experiencing and trying to understand different countries and cultures.  If you look at just one thing, check out this post.  It just really tickled me with the unexpected.

Also, I swear I wasn't trying to be all cryptic with this post.  It probably made sense on some level, since we all want to drink during this election cycle, but the photo didn't upload when I posted it from the phone.  You can see, I corrected the issue.  :)


  1. Thank you 45er for mentioning and introducing me on your blog. I am surfing from site to site on internet. Preferred on googleblogspot.com, such a variety of informations here.

    My french grand grandma told us, that on our planet all kind of beings are necessary to make it entire. That is counting and striking: important. Imagine our planet only with one specie only: butterflies. Would be boring on long distance or?

    Glad to have found you here. Greetings from old Germany. Thank you all for your being. Take care, smile, say a lil nice word from time to time, love, think, do, be willed and live.

    Yours appreciatively and sincerely

    O. Klastat

  2. Olivier, it sounds like you had a very wise grandmother. That is just how I like to live my life. I view everyone and everything as different and important. It makes life interesting to just sit, listen and learn from people that are different. I would love to visit Germany some day. I have some not so distant relatives from the Old Country. Thanks again.

  3. Let us see 45er. I live in Cologne (Germany). Contact me by email before visiting: o.klastat@gmooglemail.com

    I have at moment some time. Would be great to show you town and corners. This is not america for sure, but has also some charm.

    My grand grandmother was impressive yes :-) She never learned writing, but was responsible for a lot of workers in an industry complex. Respectful. Almost intimidating.

    Keep on, take care, watch out and live!

  4. Sorry got to concentrate. It was 05.00 o´clock in the morning, when I started writing here. Did two mistakes on above posts. Wrote in first two times only: sorry!

    And in second my email is spelled wrong: o.klastat@googlemail.com

    1. Thanks so much, Olivier. I'm sure it will be many years before I'm able to make that trip. I have many places to visit here that I haven't seen yet.