Monday, April 30, 2012

CNN, taking a different attack on your rights

I think that most in politics and the media know very well that they will not be passing laws anytime soon that will restrict your rights to own a firearm.  It seems that the media, however, has found a new horse to beat. If they can't get the gun out of your hand, they will attack your ability to use it.
Stand Your Ground has turned the language of law enforcement on its head.  Who are the victims?  Who are the aggressors?
 Really?  Yeah, CNN found four cases that they are hanging their case on.  They use inflammatory language and pull on emotions instead of discussing true facts.  The interesting thing is that of the four cases, the case in Florida is unfortunate but a perfect case of why Stand Your Ground or Castle Laws can be so important.  It is not a matter of being able to psychoanalyze the person breaking into your house.

The shooters did not necessarily do everything they should have in these cases, but 3 of 4 of them would have been avoided if the people killed would not have been doing something to break the law to begin with.

So, basically CNN seems to be trying to push a "blood in the streets" story here citing just a few examples.  It's obviously not a balanced story since they have neglected to mention the scores of cases where law-abiding citizens did not have to see the inside of a jail cell for defending themselves against violent aggressors.  Don't mind me, I'll just be back here looking for my surprised face.

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