Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Incredible Story - A Girl And Her Gun

I was scrolling through the blogs I follow.  You know, the normal routine.  Skim and read as much as you can.  Make a point to hit the people you have connected with.  It was a normal night of catching-up.  Then the unexpected happened.  I clicked over to Another Gun Blog and was sent to a place I haven't really been before.  A Girl and Her Gun.  The serious and intense request by Mike to go read this post caught my attention and I had to look.  Then, when I got there I was pulled deep into the post and the story of the recent events of her life. The post has two things working together.  On the one hand there is a deep and honest story of the emotional journey that has led the writer to her current place.  On the other hand (and something that she showed class and did not attack) is the perfect example of how the anti-gun crowd feels the need to personally attack people for choosing to take control of their lives and defend themselves.  It is the one thing in life that drives me crazy.  Anti-gun people spew hate toward people that have guns.  Vegans spew hate toward people that eat meat.  Enviro-wackos, well they spew hate at pretty much everyone.  None of these groups think or care about the repercussions that their intolerance causes.  I'm extremely proud that this blogger is part of our community and I think it is worth a trip over to check her out.

Notice that I don't have class so I can attack the morons that spew the stupidity.  It's ok, I'll be their Huckleberry.


  1. Wow, thank you so much for your post about my blog. When I started writing it, I had no idea any one else would ever read it and I never knew I would be so supported.

    I have be very blessed to meet some amazing people and I am very happy to meet you!

  2. You're so very welcome. You're doing a great service to yourself and others that may be seeking support.

  3. WOW! I can't believe her blog snuck under my radar. I clicked over and skimmed the post. I found it very interesting so I want to head back over to finish reading it but i wanted to come back and say thanks for directing me there!

  4. LB, thanks for swinging back by. It's a very heartfelt post and I figured if I missed it, there must be others.

  5. lol interestingly enough hers was the first one i found when i got started, now i have a couple dozen of ya'll i'm trying to read through so all i have to do is keep up lol

    she IS a nice lady 8D