Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lethal Headlock

This from New Jersey, where you pretty much have to defend yourself with your bare hands:

...a former high school wrestler, pulled Davis off his friend and put the would-be robber in a headlock.
It was strong enough that Davis apparently choked to death, sources familiar with the investigation say.
Yikes.  All this over a cell phone.  I have seen in the news that smart phones are the newest target for thieves.  While a cell phone isn't worth dying or killing for, the victim attempted to stop the theft (which I believe is a victim's right to do) and was put in a headlock by the robber.  I think we can see from the end result that this can be deadly.  Therefore the victim's friend's use of deadly force is justified, although I'm sure that wasn't his intent.  That said, they live in New Jersey.  I think the laws of time, space and physics change when you cross the border into that state and New York.  I hope the DA doesn't do anything stupid here.


  1. The truly sad part is the rescuer will probably be charged for excessive use of force... It IS NJ after all...

    1. That's my concern, NFO. That would be political suicide here in Texas, but as you say, it's NJ.

    2. I agree, a cell phone is a ridiculous thing to die over, but if he hadn't tried to steal one..... His luck ran out, he finally picked the wrong guy to rob.
      Just like NJ to give the benefit of the doubt to the criminal, even though he's been arrested for robbery, assault, criminal mischief, simple assault, aggravated assault, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, drug possession, and parole violation.

      By the way, Davis grew up in Montclair, NJ (it's a wealthy town) and his dad is/was a lawyer. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

    3. I surely hope they don't pursue the victim. When I talk about something not being worth dying for, I think you're on the money that the criminal takes the risks and they get what is coming to them.