Monday, October 17, 2011


It's what I have instead of posts, lately.  It isn't for lack of ideas.  I have some interesting ones.  It's just a time thing.  Here is one excuse for lack of posting...

Time Vampire

Awesome, so far and after this one there is another waiting in the wings.

Oh, look.  More time suck
And in the middle of all of that, in a couple of days is the big blow-out guys' weekend.  Lots of great food, having fun and shooting.  More blog content to not have time to post.  Awesome.


  1. Hey! Real world always trumps this! Have fun!

  2. Life is always better than the online stuff! Looks fun!

  3. What they both said ! Real life rules!

  4. A good way to take a break :-)

  5. Thanks all. I'm up late trying to organize all of the stuff that I'm going to forget to take tomorrow. If there is one thing I'm notorious for, it is remembering to set everything out in order to forget it when I leave.