Sunday, October 9, 2011

Building the Taj MaBlind

I have had a lease for a few years with a couple of friends of mine.  The first year we just hunted in chairs in the open which really is enjoyable, but after a while it's nice to at least have a place to take cover (and sleep).  A couple of years ago one of the guys was able to get his hands on some huge shipping containers.  That first year two of us put ours together and they are quite spectacular.  His has been stored in the barn unfinished due to time and travel constraints and we figured it was finally time to get it finished out and ready to hunt in.  If you can find a place that has these, they are really easy to re-model with some spare 2x4 and other lumber and maybe that scrap shelf board and brackets you pulled out of the old closet.  We spent very little on these, just screws, time and some "oops" paint from Wal-Mart to protect it from the elements. 

In the beginning...
We had actually been working on this one previously and had finished the roof.  We removed the existing top and framed it with 2x4.  We put it back on with a slight elevation in the front to run rainwater off the back of the blind.  We had spare tar paper and tin for the roof.

We had each owner sit in their blind to get a good idea for window height.  My theory is a little low is ok since you can put another sandbag under the rifle, but you can't push a shelf down if it is too high.

Time for shelves.  This one had less shelving that our previous ones and the hunter using it it wanted a window cut on the end for how the blind would be placed.

After the paint job.  Five gallons of "oops" paint at Wal-Mart in a reasonable color isn't that expensive and it needed about 3 gallons. 

The plan is to get some spray cans of brown and green and spray it just to break up the pattern.  It really isn't all that necessary since deer don't care, so it's mostly for the hunters.  His plan is to put plexi-glass windows in while he is sitting and hunting.  Not a bad way to pass the time, I guess.  It was raining the day we finished this one (thank goodness) so we built it in the barn.  We weren't able to move it out because of the mud, but we did run out and pull some pictures from the game cameras.  I'll have to post those later.  Some were hilarious and one in particular may not be suitable for a family post, so I'll have to post a warning.  Stay tuned...


  1. "not suitable for a family post" The Taj MaBlind under a full moon perhaps?

    You guys did an awesome job.

  2. Oh, no, Brigid. Nothing like that. It's completely surprising and I swear it doesn't involve humans (especially me, thank goodness).

    Thanks. I'm getting a little old to sit in the rain and cold. I still do love hunting in the open, but sometimes you just want to be comfy. Mine has a nice, big chair and carpet. :)

  3. Thanks, Keads. They sure are nice at Oh, God:30 on a cold, drizzly morning.

  4. So he didn't end up with the turd-brown color that our blinds are?

    Nice work.

  5. Awww, come on. They aren't that bad for leftover paint found in the garage. We probably do need to split a 5 gallon can of "oops" paint from Wally World to put on another coat for both. He's pretty excited about finally being done. I'm going to try and move it next weekend.

  6. You just put my "hotel stand" to shame! I have a swivel, patio rocker in mine, hahah. But no windows :(

  7. Well, LB, we've been hunting in 4 x 4 corrugated tin blinds before these. I don't think I ever want to go back to those. We're talking about doing an evening hunt and an overnight stay in the blinds before the morning hunt. I'll be honest, it wouldn't be exactly "roughing it" in these. We've discussed getting the little heaters as well. I enjoy hunting in the open, but some cold mornings it sure is nice to climb into these.

  8. At least it's not painted "blue". Sky blue that is, and you're right--the deer don't care. Barn Owner.

  9. Absolutely. I'm sure you're glad you have the space in there, now. Funny how deer walk right by something you can see from over 1,000 yards. Why bother with camo on a blind? I still say we should paint one pink.